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Figuring out how to dress for your body shape can feel daunting, but trust us once you do it will be a lifesaver. After finding the shapes and silhouettes that work on your body type, you’ll never have to wonder if something looks good or waste a ton of time trying stuff on again. From our previous article on understanding your body type you know you’re an apple body type when:

  • You may have full breasts and a wide back.
  • Your arms could be slim, while your shoulders could be wide.
  • You could have slim hips and a trim backside.
  • You gain weight at the midsection.

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Ever found yourself admiring a dress from the display window of a store and in your mind you can already picture yourself in this dress looking all types of gorgeous ,where to wear it and how to pair with your favorite accessories. You get into the store excited to try on the beautiful piece and upon slipping in it you can’t even look at your reflection on the mirror. The dress doesn’t flatter you at all, the fit is wrong and the excitement of adding a new piece to your wardrobe is crushed .Often you hear stylist and fashion gurus talk of dressing your body type, but what does that even mean? What’s a body type? How do I know my body type? Why is it important to know your body type? We help you answer this question in a very simple way.

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Founder"s Feature, Interior Designer, Kizzy Kerongo, Kizzy Laura Afande, Renovazone, Women in Business, Women uplifting Women -

From red brick houses in the colonial day to whitewashed government houses that carry blue band, kasuku/Cowboy and Omo adverts, one thing has always been a constant for the people of Nairobi and in the greater breath, Kenya. The interior of the house has to be beautified as it is your space, where you spend most of your time, host family (who must leave impressed) friends and special friends  , from back when newspapers would adorn the walls to today when interior design has become an accepted profession with words like gypsum and granite becoming household names.  This however has not come easy, in fact, it has had a number of hurdles and challenges that these creatives called interior designers have had to tackle.

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Edith Mbithe, Founder"s Feature, Women in Business -

With the increase in online businesses and adoption of e-commerce by many traditional businesses, there has been an increase in the demand for on-demand delivery from businesses and individuals. Urban Deliveries is a last mile delivery business that aims to deliver packages and parcels within and around cities enabling anyone and everyone to have everything delivered on demand. We aim to empower business owners and individuals allowing them to focus on their core businesses while using our company to help them deliver packages in a timely, efficient and convenient way.

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Caroline Kamanja, Founder"s Feature, Women in Business, women in tech -

This month on the Founders Feature we bring to you Caroline Kamanja, Managing Director of Daproim Africa. A business process outsourcing company based in Nairobi that serves local and international companies, government agencies, and corporations looking to reduce costs, improve transparency, and achieve exponential growth. They provide services such as digitization, transcription, SEO services, and data management services that allow clients to be more efficient, use their data better and focus on growth. 


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