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Has it ever been said that you have a "boyish frame" Or, "you must play a lot of sports”, well this is what we call the straight/rectangle body type. As a Straight or Rectangle body shape, your bust and hips are balanced and your waist is not very defined. You tend to gain weight first in your upper thighs, arms and torso.

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Ever found yourself admiring a dress from the display window of a store and in your mind you can already picture yourself in this dress looking all types of gorgeous ,where to wear it and how to pair with your favorite accessories. You get into the store excited to try on the beautiful piece and upon slipping in it you can’t even look at your reflection on the mirror. The dress doesn’t flatter you at all, the fit is wrong and the excitement of adding a new piece to your wardrobe is crushed .Often you hear stylist and fashion gurus talk of dressing your body type, but what does that even mean? What’s a body type? How do I know my body type? Why is it important to know your body type? We help you answer this question in a very simple way.

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